In Our Thoughts and Prayers

Continuing the religious theme of the last post . . .

As an atheist, I don’t pray.

And I don’t particularly like to hear the words “in our thoughts and prayers” because it so often seems a tired cliche people trot out when they hear something bad has happened to someone somewhere, so they don’t have to do anything more substantive about it. When I hear that, my reaction is usually, “Yeah, right.”

I have had people pray for me, though, in my presence, and it will probably surprise you that I don’t mind it. In fact, I’m often touched by it.

Here’s why:

Usually the person is someone who I know is secure and genuine in his or her faith;

The person respects that I don’t share that faith;

The person has a kind and loving personality and genuinely cares about other people;

And the person genuinely cares about me.

If all four factors are present and the person wants to pray for me, I accept and appreciate that show of care and kindness.

Proselytize me–No Way. Do it again, and I’m done with you.

Pray for me–Sure, if you’d like to.

We all need acts of care and kindness, of whatever form.

Peace and Joy,

Marjorie Beck

Thank you for reading my post.

Author: wishicouldhavebeenthere

I write a blog foremost because I love to write. I have lived with depression most of my life, and I blog some about that, but about a lot of other things that interest me, too, such as greyhounds and kittens and our dying planet.

5 thoughts on “In Our Thoughts and Prayers”

  1. “I’ll pray for you.” Yes, it does sound like a well-worn cliche. Though when I say, “I’m thinking of you”, it’s always true. When some world tragedy occurs or when someone I care about is going through a difficult time, they are very much in my thoughts. Thank you for an honest post, Marjorie, and often I feel prayer difficult too – I think, “Why should God cater to my requests when there are so many more people in desperate need of basic life requirements? I still pray though …. just in case. x

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    1. Somehow I missed this comment when you made it. I’m sorry. Your words are so, so true. I still remember the so-called “Christians” with their hateful words and signs at Matthew Shephard’s funeral. Thank you for reading my post.
      Marjorie Beck


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